Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), located on the 2nd floor of Vaden Health Center, CAPS provides access to professional counseling (including 24-hour crisis hotline, and sexual assault response and counseling). Initial sessions are free for Stanford Students.

Stanford Department of Psychiatry located right off campus (across the street from the Stanford Shopping Center), the department is a part of the School of Medicine and hosts numerous other mental health professionals and clinics.

Peer Health Educators (PHEs)  are residential staff members who are peer specialists in health and wellness in their houses. They are a culturally inclusive, highly diverse team that represents all aspects of the undergraduate student community. PHEs offer: Fun, upbeat, informative health programs and workshops. Creative health information. Care for minor colds and ailments; emergency self-care supplies. Referrals to health-care resources to meet your needs. One-to-one health coaching, peer counseling, and resource referrals. Peer health expertise as part of your staff team.


Undergraduate Academic Life (UAL)  a website for every student class that hosts guidelines, research grants, contact information for academic counseling and tutoring, how-to’s and much more.


Happiness Collective was created in 2013 “with the goal of doing things to brighten people’s days.” Consisting of a small and intimate team representing all levels of the Stanford community, we create small events and efforts such as candy on bikes, meditation sessions, World Kindness Day Fairs, and finals week puppies to brighten the stressed culture of Stanford and also to de-stigmatize the negative connotation surrounding well-being here in California.

Kardinal Kink is Stanford’s official student-led kink club, bringing together a community of students interested in kink, BDSM, non-monogamy and other forms of alternative intimacy. We regularly hold events and workshops for our members, and educational programming for the wider Stanford campus aimed at destigmatizing alternate relationship structures and dynamics, creating more awareness about the kink community and advocate for a more communicative consent culture on our campus and beyond.

Stanford’s Sexual Health Peer Resource Center (SHPRC) is a student-run, one-stop shop for safer sex supplies, sex toys, sexual health counseling, and more! Our mission is to promote sexual health and healthy relationships across campus, both through our center and through community outreach. In our center, we carry a wide variety of condoms, lube, and toys for all sexes and genders as well as pregnancy tests. Additionally, we now have an extensive lending library filled with books about sex, sexuality, and sexual health/wellness. All of our counselors are both SHPRC and Bridge trained.

Stanford Mental Health Outreach is a group dedicated to connecting students who have dealt with mental health issues and giving them an opportunity to share their experiences. We host panels in dorms and community centers featuring students who speak candidly about mental health, and are working on starting connection groups to bring students together to discuss their experiences with mental health. For Information email


Stanford + Mental Health aims to empower students through education and opportunities to work with mental health professionals to improve the mental health of students at Stanford. The group has two main goals: to connect students to research projects at Stanford Medicine and to educate the student body using the advice and support of mental health professionals around campus. The “+ Mental Health” in our name represents our view that considering mental health is a necessary addition in all aspects of our lives as Stanford students. Furthermore, it illustrates that mental health is important for all people and groups on campus; no matter where they come from or who they are, mental health is a priority for all.

Students Supporting Body Positivity (SSBP) is an organization committed to promoting awareness and education to transform Stanford’s culture surrounding beauty, body image, and healthy eating relationships. We seek to create an open, supportive and safe community where students can discuss, learn about, and receive peer support to enhance body positivity!

We Continue is a group interested in spreading suicide prevention through the empowerment of our peers to create a safety net within our community. Our members are trained peer counselors and have staffed at the Stanford Bridge, the SHPRC, and are QPR-certified Gatekeepers. We offer a suicide response protocol training using a peer-based, peer-led Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) workshop approach.