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Alternatively, please refer to the Coordinator descriptions below and email the relevant Coordinator for your particular question.


Live-In Counselors

Brianna Brown, Joyce Kang, Tori Parrish, Devon Burger

Live-In Counselors live full time at the Bridge. They are responsible for all counsels between 12am and 9am, supporting bridge staffers, maintaining the bridge community and providing 24/7 on-call support for difficult and emergency situations. || || ||

Staffing Coordinator

Sage Voorhees

Staffing Coordinator is responsible for logistics regarding day-to-day operations of the bridge as well as long-range planning. Facilitates bridge meetings, supports all coordinator-positions, ensures that Bridge is fully staffed, and that all staffers are fully supported.

Course Coordinators 

Julian Alvarez and Andrea Fisher

Course Coordinators manage and administer the Bridge’s two courses 193A & 193P, update course content & policies, recruit and train Teaching Assistants and Section Leasers. ||

University Relations Coordinators

 Rebecca Bromley-Dulfano, Carter Osborne 

 Maintain communication between the Bridge and the University administration, especially Student Advising and Leadership. Facilitate collaboration with other on-campus groups working with mental health related issues. ||

Financial Officer 

Lauren Kwa

Financial Officer oversees Bridge monetary allocations. Responsible for bridge finances and maintaining compliance with university policies.

Community Coordinators

 Chelsey Pan, Preeti Kakani

Cultivate and maintaining the vast Bridge community through social events and community bonding. ||

Continuing Education Coordinators

 Hannah Nguyen, Jason Li

Continuing education allows for bridge staffers to develop their skills and knowledge past initial training, bring in guest speakers to Bridge events, and  keep staffers up-to-date with changes in protocol and emerging campus issues. ||

Outreach and Publicity Team

 Brianna Bolanos, Ben Chadwick

Connect the Bridge to the larger Stanford community through workshops, publicity, and representing the bridge at campus events. ||

Crisis Protocol Training Coordinator

Joshua DeSon

Responsible for conducting crisis protocol trainings and workshops.  Trainings are mandatory for all new staffers.

Wellness Week Coordinator 

Arthur Mestas

Lead organizer for the Bridge’s annual wellness week, a week long collection of events dedicated to highlighting mental health and raising awareness about the bridge.