About the Bridge


13833299_10100175282087040_1900633898_oPhoto Courtesy of Tamer Shabani

Our Philosophy: 

It is our belief that people have the fundamental ability to help and support others through personal interaction. We offer this interaction through peer counseling and support in an effort to guide those in need to develop their own solutions to problems. We are here to listen, to explore feelings, to help sort out issues and uncertainties, or just to talk.

Who We Are: 

The Bridge began in 1971 primarily as a student-run drug counseling center. Since then, it has evolved into a general peer counseling, workshop, and support center for Stanford University and the surrounding area. We are a community of staffers, coordinators, and live-in counselors who receive ongoing training and evaluation.

Staff members serve as volunteer counselors for a few hours each week after completing the 10-week training course. Coordinators directly administer publicity, finances, workshops, and dorm outreach programs in addition to other activities. The live-ins are the resident counselors at The Bridge, serving as the administrative and counseling leadership, and the backbone of our 24-hour counseling service.